Bars, Pubs & Clubs

When it comes to advertising to Bar, Pub, and Club goers, we’re the experts

Our venues allow you to reach multiple audiences including students, sports fans, professionals and music-lovers. These sociable consumers are extremely receptive to advertising messages during their leisure time – our 20 year’s experience and wealth of audience research proves so.

Advertise in over 750 of the UK’s most popular venues, including:

  • Stonegate Pubs – Slug & Lettuce, Yates’s & Scream Bars
  • Luminar Nightclubs – Oceana, Liquid, Envy & Pryzm
  • Independently-owned Pubs

We make every campaign the best it can be by working closely with our landlords to maximise opportunities – either in support of the campaign or as stand alone sales promotion activity. Whether you want full, national coverage or to simply reach pub-goers in your local area, our flexible estate will fulfil your campaign needs.

Advertisers in Admedia Bars, Pubs & Clubs:

Cosmetics & pharma brands – Heavy pub/bar users are 52% more likely than the national average to strongly agree ‘I take a lot of pleasure in looking after my appearance’.

Online gaming/gambling brands – Heavy pub/bar goers are 265% more likely than the national average to play on gaming machines 515% more likely to play in casinos.

Taxi brands – Heavy pub/bar goers are 98% more likely than the national average to be heavy taxi users

(Source: TGI, 2014)