Digital Screens

Dominate the UK’s busiest Motorway Service Areas with our Digital Screens

Placed in the most prominent locations of the UK’s busiest Motorway services, Motorway TV grabs the attention of thousands of consumers whilst they relax and recharge every week. Represents 33% of the UK’s daily traffic, 28.5 million consumers every year, no other ads seen for 2.5 hours

  • Opportunity to interrupt TV content ads on Sky TV
  • Massive impact in a busy environment
  • Day-Part, Thermal, Time-Sensitive Advertising
  • Reaching a range of audiences throughout the week
  • High Resolution Screens
  • Over 40 Mins Dwell Time
  • Approx 1 M footfall in 2 weeks
    M25 between Heathrow and Gatwick
    North of the M25, gateway to the West Midlands and North-West
    A1, gateway to the East Midlands and North-East
    M11 between London and Norwich
    A1 close to Luton and Milton Keynes

For more information please contact

Ollie Gibbs on 0207 927 7349