Space in disabled washroom cubicles & car parking bays

Admedia provides access to an audience of elderly and non able-bodied washroom users at Shopping Centres and Motorway Service Areas nationally. Our targeted campaigns have been used by a wide range of advertisers to target this specific audience in a highly cost effective way.

Admedia Delivers:

  • Disabled package: 420 posters at 300 disabled-only facilities nationally
  • Washrooms – intimate, engaging and at the right time
  • 4 week campaigns to build maximum coverage
  • Access to 848,000 individual disabled users in 4 weeks

Elderly & Non Able Bodied Audiences:

8.6 million registered disabled in the UK (14% of population)
12 million aged 60 or over in the UK (21% of the population)

For added effectiveness:

Direct Response Tear-Offs get your message in the pockets of millions.
Talking Posters – a motion-activated 30 second sound clip gets you poster heard.
Creative Solutions – For complete ownership of environment. Includes mirror and door stickers, branded coasters drinks glasses and more.