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A3 Washroom Poster & 6 Sheet campaigns (static print campaigns)

What happens at the end of my campaign?

You will receive a post-campaign review containing photography and a summary of how impactful your campaign has been. Your account manager will be in touch throughout to provide support and advice on future planning.

What is the Admedia creative approval process?

All artwork submitted is subject to Admedia and landlord approval. Once your artwork has been submitted, the production team at Admedia will process accordingly. Your artwork will be confirmed by a member of the team prior to print deadline date.


All artwork submitted to and displayed by Admedia must be in line with industry codes of practice, and not prejudiced in any religious, sexual, or political context.

What is the Admedia posting cycle?

We post on a two week cycle, which we refer to as the ‘in-charge date’.

The posting cycle runs two days either side of the in-charge date. All cycles remain consistent to ensure all campaigns run for their fully allocated duration.

What are the artwork specifications for my Posters?

Click here to download our A3 Washroom Panel artwork specifications.
Click here to download our 6 Sheet Panel artwork specifications.

For all Creative Solutions you will be sent printing specs on booking.

How do Admedia print and post my posters?

Admedia use highly reputable print partners for all print work undertaken.

Once your artwork is submitted via print ready PDF, and approved by Admedia, it is sent to our print partners. Posters are then distributed to our operatives nationally and posted in line with our posting cycle.

We have specific print requirements, which our team will send you when your campaign is booked, or please see the next question to download these specifications.

What is the artwork deadline for my static campaign?

A3 Washroom Panels: One week prior to campaign live date

Direct Response Slips: One week prior to campaign live date

6-Sheet Panels: One week prior to campaign live date

Vinyl (mirror clings, cubicle and floor wraps): One week prior to campaign live date

Beermats: Three weeks prior to campaign live date

Bar runners: Three weeks prior to campaign live date

Admobile Campaigns

What are the artwork requirements for Admobile?

Artwork requirements for Admobile are simple. All we need from you is a logo sized 140 x 100 pixels or 100 x 100 pixels and a demo link with your banner message and website details.

Click here to build your demo in a few easy steps!

How quickly can I launch my Admobile campaign?

Admobile campaigns can be launched within 48 hours of booking confirmation. However, depending on inventory availability, your campaign can potentially be live within the day.

Digital Evolve- Kwik Fit TV & Motorway TV

How quickly can I launch an Evolve campaign?

Evolve campaigns can be live within 48 hours of receiving creative copy.

What happens after your campaign has booked?

How do I see my campaign visuals and post-campaign photography?

Your account manager will send a post-campaign review containing photography to illustrate your advert within our environments.

If your question is not answered here, please contact your Account Representative or call us on 0207 580 3633