Male & Female

Washroom advertising means 100% gender targeted campaigns

Why Washrooms?

  • Reach an entirely captive and attentive audience in a intimate environment – up to 98% recall of poster detail
  • Gender oriented creative = increased audience resonance
  • Huge dwell times – 55 secs: male and 105 secs: female
  • Promotes mobile search & social media sharing – 94% of people take their phone to the Washroom!
  • Reach audience in a mindset where they care about their health & appearance:
    – Heavy pub/bar users are 52% more likely than the national average to strongly agree ‘I take a lot of pleasure in looking after my appearance’
    59% of people who strongly agree with this statement are heavy shopping mall visitors. That is significantly higher than internet, TV, bus or underground users

Sources: Admedia Independent Research, OfCom & 2013, TGI 2014

The Opportunity: