Network Rail Stations

Capture passengers while they are away from the station’s distractions

Reach a range of business & leisure travellers including families, tourists, day trippers and professionals on their commute.

For us to take on a new environment it needs to reach key criteria that offers clients a standout advertising opportunity. Network Rail fulfils that criteria, offering:

  • National Scale
  • Huge audience numbers
  • USPs
  • Quality environments
  • Direct response & Point of Sale opportunities
  • A synergy with our existing travel audiences

The Opportunity:

Over 500 A3 Washroom Panels at 16 Network Rail stations, including advertising within baby changing areas.

Our Audiences:

Our Washroom Panels reach a range of Business & leisure travellers including families, professional commuters, tourists, day trippers & many more.

Average dwell times in Network Rail Stations:

55 seconds: Male dwell time

105 seconds: Female dwell time

Excellent for Point of Sale or Directional advertising- eg. pharmaceutical or CTN