Reach motorists as they refuel & recharge

‘An obvious target group for food service retailers is intensive motorists. These people have a high propensity for on-the-move consumption.’ -Mintel 2014

Why Motorways?

  • Motorway travellers stop specifically to buy – guaranteed heavy footfall right at Point Of Sale
  • They purchase spontaneously – heavy motorway users are 20% more likely than the national average to purchase impulsively (compared to heavy high street shoppers who are only 3% more likely than the national average to shop impulsively)
  • They spend more – 63% higher spend than at independent convenience stores
  • They are in the mood to snack – chocolate, sweets and fizzy drinks all aid the journey ahead!
  • Audience numbers are growing – Motorway traffic has grown by 8.4% in the last decade where urban road traffic has decreased by 5%

Sources: TGI, 2014, Road Traffic Statistics 2012, Department for Transport 2014, Nielsen 2013

The Opportunity:

  • Over 1,300 illuminated 6 sheet displays + over 3,500 washroom displays at every one of the UK’s 136 Motorway Services
  • The biggest & best convenience stores in the UK – includes 120 WH Smith stores & 56 of the highest quality food retail stores
  • Impulse snacking focus – confectionary, chocolate, drinks, magazines etc
  • Motorway travel means increased high volume purchases for sharing en-route
  • Coverage of the UK’s major arterial routes connecting all major cities
  • Numerous EPOS (Electronic Point of Sale) case studies to prove the effectiveness of campaigns

EPOS Proven Effectiveness:

  • Admedia provides sales-effect data for all CTN campaigns through EPOS – independently supplied by a leading intelligence agency. Weekly sales are monitored pre, during and post campaign to identify the effect of the campaign.