200 face to face interviews at 3 Motorway Service Areas (MSAs) were conducted to gauge recall and awareness of 6 Sheets, creative opinions and measure appropriateness of environment and audience. Admiral also wanted to look at responses of people who owned one car and more than one car separately.

200 control interviews were also held to measure the pure effect of the advertising.


66% of respondents had more than one car

38% of respondents with more than one car recalled ‘poster advertising for car insurance’ at the MSA

74% of respondents with one car and 82% of respondents with more than one car recalled Admiral as the name of the advertiser

74% of respondents thought the message of the poster was very clear and 90% of respondents thought MSAs were an appropriate place to advertise for Admiral

37% of respondents said they would definitely consider Admiral when it next came to renewing their car insurance

95% of the respondents were involved in buying car insurance for their household- demonstrating excellent synergy with our audience

*Source: Market Management Research