Campaign Objective:

Ginsters wanted to capitalise on clever targeting to reach on-the-go snackers durnig their stop at Motorway Service Stations. The campaign aimed to build brand awareness and increase sales for Ginsters’ Cornish pasty line.

The Creative:

The creative emphasised the local flavour and roots of the product. It was simple, yet eye catching, focusing on the delicious interior of the pasty.


Ginster’s ran a national Shop Front and Petrol 6-Sheet campaign across Motorway Service Areas allowing directional and Point of Sale advertising. The campaign utilised our panels that are positioned directly in front of the service’s entrance to trigger the desire for Ginsters’ and influence impulse purchase decisions at Point of Sale.

Campaign Effectiveness:

The campaign was a remarkable success. Ginster’s EPOS data recorded a 17% increase in sales of their Cornish Pasty during the campaign and a halo effect of 6% in the weeks following the campaign. The entire brand gained a 12% increase in sales during the campaign and resounding 10% increase in the weeks following.