Highways England Campaign Objective:

Using the compelling message ‘When it rains, it kills’, Highways England wanted to remind and encourage motorists to slow down in wet weather. After nearly 3,000 people a year were killed or seriously injured when driving in the rain.


Located at high footfall locations at Motorway Services across England, the campaign used the Dynamic Activation capabilities of Admedia’s Nexus full motion screens by triggering only when there was actual rainfall.


“Rain is responsible for vastly more road casualties than any other weather, but we also seem to take rain for granted in this country. So we wanted to prompt drivers to slow down whenever they need their wipers: most effective at the relevant time and place. Not only did Admedia’s Nexus network allow us to directly reach motorists in a driving mindset, it ensured our safety message was contextually relevant by only triggering when it rains.”

Marketing Manager, Highways England

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