‘It’s In The Bag’ are a Charity who support men with Testicular Cancer in the UK. The main aim of the campaign was to raise awareness of the symptoms of Testicular Cancer, promote education of the disease, and encourage men to go to their GP and get checked.


To maximise their reach of this male audience ‘It’s In The Bag’ took advantage of Admedia’s gender targeted male A3 Washroom Panels across national Motorway Services.


‘It’s In The Bag’ saw a surge of online traffic – with an 80% increase in new visitorsduring the course of the campaign. Placing content in the washroom environment not only offered long dwell times, but also reached the target audience at the ‘right-time’, delivering a contextually relevant ad. This ultimately drove response whilst demonstrating that Admedia was the most effective media platform to reach this audience.

Sue Brand, Co-Founder and Chair comments “We were approached some time ago by Admedia to promote our Testicular Cancer campaign in the South West of England and decided to pilot A3 posters and self-checking cards for 2 weeks, and then earlier this year for one month. The impact has been measured by the new hits to our website and ‘Pledge to Check’ which shows a large increase of activity during that period. We hope to run similar campaigns in the future with a plan to widen our audience.”