Face to face interviews were conducted at Motorway Service Areas to gauge recall and awareness of the poster advertising, creative opinions, and measure appropriateness and understanding of environment & audience.

Ad Awareness & Recall:

61% of respondents recalled the advert when prompted (*at least 3 times more than the average recall for a radio/online campaign at 18% and 9%). Out of these respondents 61% recalled Lloyds Pharmacy as the name of the advertiser.

Creative Message Delivery:

Seeing the poster in the washroom allowed respondents to gain a deeper understanding of the key message and 59% of respondents engaged with the primary message – unprompted.

Appropriateness Of Environment:

61% thought the washroom was an appropriate place to advertise. Frequent MSA visitors are 62% more likely than the national average to purchase health and pharmaceutical products online (as opposed to the high street/supermarket/or local chemist)**.

Purchase Consideration:

The high awareness lead to a strong purchase consideration and 56% of respondents said they are more likely to use Lloyds Pharmacy Online Doctor in the future after seeing the poster.


Over 4 weeks the posters hit 20.3 million males with over 14 million male impacts.

Sources: Admedia Independent research in conjunction with Market Management, *Outdoor Media Centre 2013, **TGI 2014