O2 is a brand that prides itself in championing up and coming entertainment events. They wanted to measure the reaction and response to the O2 Matchday app launch within Admedia Bars & Pubs, during key England rugby games. O2 also wanted to source suggestions for improvements from the rugby fans themselves and gauge reaction to the different creative executions.
O2 took advantage of Admedia’s Bartalk package which included: A3 washroom panels, Branded Door Wraps, Bar Runners, Augmented Reality Beer mats, Branded Staff T Shirts, and Mirror clings across nationwide bars pubs and clubs.


  • 72% of respondents recalled the O2 brand on the day, unprompted and 98% of respondents understood what the advertising was for
  • The average number of ads seen on the day per respondent was 3
  • 72% of respondents thought advertising the O2 brand in a pub was appropriate
  • When asked which of the following makes pubs an appropriate place to advertise the O2 Matchday app, 74% said ‘the synergy with the atmosphere and activity’ and 57% said ‘everyone in the pub has their mobile phone on them’
  • 39% of people had friends that downloaded the app on the day
  • The campaign encouraged 92% of respondents to download the app on the day