Skittles took advantage of the UK’s most effective CTN panels to target millions of mobile motoring CTN consumers. Skittles used unmissable 6 sheets to dramatically influence high spending impulse shoppers and communicate it’s brand and values. Using NFC and QR technology Skittles also wanted to raise awareness of their new mobile game ‘Fruit Ninja’.


  • 89% of respondents thought our Motorway Service Area was an appropriate place to advertise Skittles
  • 61% of respondents recalled seeing ‘poster advertising for a sweet brand’ on the day
  • 73% of respondents recalled the Skittles advertisement when prompted
  • 80% of respondents thought the advertising message was relevant and having an NFC code was an exciting extra element
  • 60% are more likely to try Skittles, after seeing our poster advertising

EPOS Results:

EPOS data showed a stunning increase of 27% in sales* of Skittles for the period of the campaign and remained the highest selling confectionary during this time.

NFC Results:

An average of 44 interactions per day and 1.8 interactions per poster.


Over 2 weeks the poster hit over 18 million individuals with 113 million impacts. These individuals spent on average 60% more per head than high street convenience consumers.

Sources: Moto EPOS data, and Admedia Independent research in conjunction with Market Management.