SPANA raises awareness for working animals from around the world. The creative was designed to both raise awareness of tough conditions that donkeys endured and encourage people to give a £3 text donation to provide vital food and water to help these distressed animals. The creative took advantage of the long dwell time to educate people with a powerful image to make the point.


  • All results were compared to in train panels:
  • Total ROI was an impressive 87% higher than competition
  • People were 140% more likely to sign up to Direct Debit
  • Overall our campaign was 80% more cost effective in achieving responses and massively outperformed competition


“We recently used Admedia to promote our charity, SPANA, an animal welfare charity that helps working animals in some of the poorest countries around the world. We are delighted with the campaign – not only did it make a real impact in bars and shopping malls, but it also generated the best return on investment for us compared to the other media we used for the campaign. We received an impressive amount of responses and feel that the washroom campaign really helped spread the word about the work we do here at SPANA. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Admedia as a great advertising opportunity for any charity”
Richard Hatchard, Head of Direct Marketing at SPANA