Starburst took advantage of the UK’s most effective CTN panels targeting millions of higher spending CTN consumers. Targeting 27m potential WHSmith shoppers Starburst used strategically positioned, unmissable 6 sheets to cover all potential routes to the point of impulse purchase. Consumers could not fail to consider giving their mouths a drenching!
Face to face interviews were conducted to gauge recall and awareness of poster ads, influence propensity, and drive sales.


  • 61% of respondents recalled seeing ‘poster advertising for a sweet brand’ on the day, unprompted
  • 83% of respondents thought our Motorway Service Area was an appropriate place to advertise Starburst
  • 77% of respondents recalled the Starburst advertisement when prompted
  • 74% of respondents recalled main product names
  • 77% of respondents said they are more likely to try Starburst Morphs

EPOS Result:

Admedia collate EPOS data from our landlord partner Moto.
EPOS data showed a stunning *increase of 237% in sales of Starburst Morph Roll for the period of the campaign.As well as this, an increase of 165% for Starburst Morph Pouch and an *increase of 155% for the original StarburstPouch demonstrated a halo effect across the entire brand.


Over 2 weeks the poster will have hit over 18 million individuals with 113 million impacts. These individuals spend on average 60% more per head than high street convenience consumers.

Source: MSA Landlord Data