The campaign was aimed at raising awareness of male bladder weakness- a condition that affects 3.6 million men in the UK. The creative execution was a new take for TENA and tackled the condition head on, through a bold and direct creative style that aimed to de-stigmatise the condition and educate men on how they can manage it. Tena ran recall and awareness research alongside the campaign.


  • 71% recall of the campaign
  • 79% recalled the 3 main messages of the poster
  • 65% of respondents thought the poster was appropriate
  • 39% of respondents said they would respond to the ad if they experienced bladder weakness
  • 59% of respondents would choose to respond by text or web visit
  • 24% would look in the shops
  • 30% would respond immediately, 32% after they left the washroom & 38% when they got home
  • 67% said they would buy the product
  • 89% thought the environment was completely appropriate

Sources: Admedia Independent research in conjunction with Market Management