A tactical campaign which ran just prior to the film’s release and coincided with the start of the World Cup. It ran on A3 Washroom Panels and Beer Mats across Admedia’s Bar & Pub network and focused on the distinctive tash of the film’s main character, Dex.
Exclusive film goodies were up for grabs for the best tash selfie tweets using the Beer Mats, including  #unleashthetash.


The campaign created social media hype and generated 653 #unleashthetash tweets (94.6% with positive or neutral sentiment, according to talkwalker.com).

Heavy bar users are 137% more likely than the national average to be heavy cinema goers and 43% more likely than the national average to strongly agree with the following statement “I enjoy seeing films at the cinema more than on TV”.

Social Media:

Celebrity selfie tash tweets included the film’s director and star Nick Nevern (@NickNevern), co-star Jason Maza (@JasonMaza), The Football Factory’s Tony Denham and Eastender’s Danny Dyer (@MrDDyer).

Source: TGI, 2014