Admedia beer mats go viral with Time to change

Campaign Objective

Shockingly, 84 UK men under the age of 45 commit suicide every week as a result of depression and other mental health disorders.

Time To Change wanted to reach out both to vulnerable males and those friends who may be concerned about them, in a relevant social environment – the pub. The campaign’s objective was to build awareness and drive response for those seeking support.



Beer Mats were utilised in top Admedia Pubs and Bars across the country.



A single tweet from a pub goer, containing an in situ photo of our Time To Change Beer Mats, went massively viral. To date it has received an incredible 77,000 retweets and 213,000 likes.

Adam O’Malley, Twitter user, posts: “These beer mats are SO needed. Suicide is the leading cause of death for men under 45, killing three times as many British men as women. It’s time to talk about men’s mental health.”

Thanks to the Beer Mats, this tweet opened up a dialogue that increasingly raised awareness and created further talkability amongst a wider online audience.