Campaign Objective:

Tinc’s Back to School campaign looked to capitalise on clever targeting in order to reach a huge family audience on a national scale during the busy school holiday period. The campaign’s objective was to increase brand awareness and drive sales for their Lolly and Alien back to school range both in store and online.


During the peak school summer holiday period, Tinc utilised our dominant D48 screen network, Admedia Nexus, positioned at 18 of the highest footfall Motorway Service Area sites to connect the UK’s top 20 conurbations. By utilising the network’s full motion technology, the campaign was both dynamic and interactive when capturing families entering the service area.

Campaign Effectiveness:

The full motion campaign received a brilliant response with a significant increase in both retail sales and online web traffic to the Tinc site. During the course of the campaign, overall sales on Tinc’s online store increased by 66% with sales for the Lolly & Alien range up a huge 700%. Overall, week on week web traffic had increased by an impressive 21% as well as the Lolly & Alien product page traffic increasing by a significant 453%.


“Nexus’s full motion technology meant Tinc could promote our Back to School range through an interactive and engaging media format, ensuring it was contextually relevant for our key family audience. We are impressed with the significant uplift in sales and online traffic during the period of the campaign and believe Nexus effectively gave us access to a large family audience during the lead up to Back to School.”

COO, Tinc