With 136 Motorway Service Areas in our portfolio, it’s essential for us to understand the millions of motorists who see our advertising every week.

We started the Drive Panel in April 2017 with this intention in mind, and have already gleaned insights on a range of topics including tyres, road safety and vehicle tracking technology.

In early 2019 we recruited electric and hybrid vehicle owners/considerers through a washroom campaign to contribute to our Alternative Fuels Research, and thanks to the incredible response we were able to add the Electric Drive Panel to our insight offering.

Our database for both panels is currently 1500+ respondents and rising. Participants are sent a short online survey every month, and are then entered into a draw to win fantastic prizes.

We’ve worked with several brands looking to better understand their audience and drive response. Brands are welcome to submit questions free of charge, subject to suitability and availability.

To get in touch or access any of our Drive Panel insight please contact the Drive Panel team – drivepanel@admedia.co.uk


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