Blue Reef

Advertiser: Blue Reef Aquarium

Campaign Objective: Blue Reef Aquarium is a family leisure attraction located in Hastings. The aim of the campaign is to promote and encourage families to visit the Aquarium in the lead up to the Easter holiday.
Format: A3 Washroom Panels
Environment: Shopping Centres
Why we love it: Blue Reed Aquarium mixed up their campaign with three fun and attractive creatives to reach the local audience of Eastbourne. Each creative highlighted a different attraction, to provide families with a range of entertainment for an action-packed Easter holiday experience. The use of bright colours, bold fonts and fun animation tied together to capture families stopping for a bathroom break and get the kids talking. We thought targeting at our high footfall Arndale Shopping Centre was a fantastic use of our media as it meant families are exposed to the advert while being in a relaxed mindset.