Advertiser: Nausicaa National Sea Centre

Campaign Objective: Nausicaa National Sea Centre is Northern France’s most popular underwater attraction. The campaign’s objective is to reach families travelling across the English Channel from Port of Dover to Calais.
Format: 6 Sheet & A3 Washroom Panels
Environment: Motorway Service Areas
Why we love it: Nausicaa National Sea Centre, who use media and planning agency Fusion 4 Media, strategically positioned their campaign at Port of Dover Motorway Service Area to capture families travelling across the English Channel. We loved that for travelers awaiting the ferry to Calais, the use of A3 Washroom and 6 Sheet panels provided multiple touchpoints. This also allowed for long dwell times to fully capture the family audience’s attention and direct them towards Northern France’s most popular tourist attraction, just a stone throw away from Calais.