Yes, there’s no need to wait any longer – our Family Research has arrived with a boot full of insights!

Thanks to factors such as a resurgent UK holiday market and multi-million pound investment in MSA infrastructure, regular family traffic to MSAs is up by a massive 32% over the past 5 years.

Our research, based on a survey of over 1100 people, has found that this family MSA audience is more upmarket and has more disposable income than the average family. They take more holidays, replace their cars frequently and love to download and stream. Their on-the-go mentality means they’re always looking for activity ideas, entertainment products and new cars.

With MSAs connecting staycation destinations and transport hubs across the country, Admedia is perfectly placed to serve this captive audience via a host of advertising methods, from washroom panels offering high levels of recall to our state of the art network of Nexus screens, allowing day-parts, augmented reality via mobile and much more.

For more information about our Family Research, contact our Head of Insight Aaron – .