The results of our latest Drive Panel are in, and it seems that Motorway Services users are certainly switched on about Electric and Hybrid vehicles!

59% of panellists stated that they would either consider going fully electric when buying a new car, or definitely buy one. There’s no confusion here between the different technologies on offer either, with 80% agreeing that they know their full electric cars from their hybrids.

One surprising finding was that our panellists estimated that 64% of Motorway Services have charging points. The reality is very different, with over 96% of Motorway Services offering an opportunity for drivers to charge their cars whilst they take a break before tackling their onward journey. 

In fact, this generates another preconception about charging – the average time taken to charge from empty was estimated by our respondents at 8 hours, when it’s now possible to charge many electric cars to 80% in just 30 minutes! With the average dwell time at a Motorway Services weighing in at 41 minutes, that offers ample time to fill those batteries.

So, if you’re a brand looking to advertise your full electric or hybrid models at Motorway Services, rest assured it’s a great environment to do so. 89% of our panel agreed it was appropriate to advertise fully electric vehicles at Motorway Services, while 88% felt the same for hybrids. 

We have a whole host of advertising solutions waiting, from our full-motion D48 Nexus screens, to our 1,300 strong network of 6 Sheets positioned at crucial points along the customer’s journey through the Services.

For further information about our advertising solutions, contact us here. If you’d like to find out more about the Electric Vehicles Survey, or about the Admedia Drive Panel in general, contact us here.

Stay tuned for further Admedia research on the exciting developments in alternative fuel vehicles!