Blue Planet Aquarium, Cheshire’s leading marine and fresh water attraction, have just launched their full motion weather-activated campaign across Admedia’s full motion digital 48 screen network – Admedia Nexus. The clever campaign includes two vibrant full motion creatives that are delivered depending on specific weather conditions.

Admedia, experts in traditional and digital OOH advertising across the UK Motorway Service Area network have teamed up with leading digital technology provider UniLED to deliver the dynamic full motion campaign, targeting families during the busy school summer holidays.

Blue Planet Aquarium’s first creative Beat the Heat reflects hot weather, where the sun-specific campaign promoting frosty refreshments and cool sharks, triggers when the outside temperature level remains at a high. In contrast, when it begins to rain, Nexus’s cutting edge digital technology triggers the rain-specific creative Jurassic Shark to replace Beat the Heat, ensuring contextual relevance across the network.

Motorway Service Areas are known for their massive uplift in family footfall during the summer period with 72% of all families on the road stopping at least once at a Motorway Service Areas*.

The campaign was executed by advertising agency Buy Me Media.

Mike Cleary, Managing Director, Buy Me Media, comments:

“Using the Admedia Nexus digital screens for Blue Planet’s summer campaign ticked all the boxes. It’s a targeted audience that reaches a high percentage of families driving out for the day, combined with full motion animation to maximise the aquarium’s visuals. Being able to show relevant creatives during specific weather conditions really added to the campaign.”

Phil Daniel, Managing Director Sales & Marketing, Admedia, comments:

“We are thrilled to work with Blue Planet and Buy Me Media on delivering an impactful weather-reactive campaign targeting families through our Admedia Nexus full motion D48 network. It’s brilliant to see Blue Planet take advantage of Nexus’s digital capabilities when executing this summer’s Beat the Heat and Jurassic Shark campaign to ensure the contextual relevance delivers maximum impact.”