Red Bull Christmas Santa campaign

Christmas is only a couple of months away, and it’s not just Santa who’ll be loading his vehicle up and getting ready for a long journey and an overload of rich food and booze.

Last year saw an estimated 13 million drivers hitting the roads of the UK at the start of the festive season, with many more following suit in the run up to the big day.

Many of these cars will be packed with families heading to see their in-laws and other loved ones, and from our Family Research we discovered that 82% of all families on the road at Christmas will use Motorway Services.

This offers opportunities for a multitude of brands looking to capture a family audience in a high dwell-time environment – from movie studios advertising their latest festive release, local attractions giving everyone something to do after one too many sprouts, and even time-pressed folk looking for last-minute present inspiration.

The opportunities don’t stop there. With Christmas Eve falling on a Monday this year, many SMEs will still be working, driving to meetings, striving to squeeze as much out of the final week of the year to help their business thrive into 2019.

Motorway Services are there all year round to help them relax and catch up on work, thanks to their range of facilities including washrooms, business lounges and free Wi-Fi. In this environment, 80% of SME decision makers are in a business mindset and ready to engage with advertising, so there is a great chance to inform them about new products that will make the next year even greater – a new accounting software product, a more capacious van, or a super swift payment solution to name a few.

Ultimately, what unites every individual on the road at any time of year, be they leisure or business, is the need to get home safely and in one piece, and this is especially prevalent during such a special time. Motorway Services are brilliant places to advertise safety messaging, whether it’s drink driving after the Christmas party or taking care of your speed in icy conditions. In fact, 98% of respondents to our Drive Panel felt that Motorway Services are appropriate places for advertising road safety messages, while 62% said that they would change their behaviour if they saw such messaging.

Admedia presents brands with a suite of advertising solutions at Motorway Services. These include our 50-strong network of Nexus digital screens, with dynamic activation and the ability to show movie trailers through full-motion. Additionally, our A3 Washroom Panels are situated in a high dwell time, high footfall location and can convey a wealth of information, while our 6 Sheet Panels are available at every step of a visitor’s journey, helping them choose an energy drink or snack by the entrance or reminding them to take care as they hit the slip road.

With Motorway Services seeing traffic increases of up to 43% during the Christmas period, there’s hardly a better time to get in touch – for further information on how Admedia can help your brand this Christmas click here.