We are officially in August, which means it is now time to announce our Local Campaign Award Winner for the month of July. Firstly, we would like to thank everyone who was nominated for fantastic creatives and clever campaign execution. This month we had more votes than ever before and we are delighted to share the winner with you all – congratulations Go Vegan World!

Go Vegan World is a Public Vegan Advertising Campaign run by Eden Farmed Animal Sanctuary, Ireland. It is animal focused in nature, and seeks complete cessation of animal use. The campaign aims to let the animals be the spokespersons for their rights by their strong public presence for the duration of the campaign in our daily lives. Utilising high footfall environments, Go Vegan World’s Admedia Campaign used A3 Washroom Panels at key Shopping Centres and Motorway Service Areas.

We loved how Go Vegan World used very captivating and thought provoking creatives to capture those in their day to day lifestyles regimes. From making a purchase choice at a Shopping Centre or a Motorway Service Area food court, Go Vegan’s campaign aims to encourage those to consider a new way of living in the right environment. The use of thought provoking creatives of various animals within the washrooms meant there was a long dwell time to present the main messages of the campaign that focused on consequences of non-vegan values and choices and offered veganism as a just alternative.

For more information on the either Go Vegan World or the campaign please click here.