May has bought us a long weekend, a bit of sun and of course this month’s Local Campaign Award Winner! Each month we carry fantastic campaigns that deserve recognition for creative design or clever execution. For the month of May, we had more votes than ever before and we are delighted to share the winner with you all. Congratulations Alfa Travel on your Summer Holiday Break campaign!

UK coach holiday & hotel break company, Alfa Travel, had a key campaign objective to achieve a competitive advantage by targeting specific coach stops at Motorway Service Areas, while promoting summer breaks. Using geo-targeting, Alfa Travel’s strategically used our advertising solutions at Motorway Service Areas that are specific stopping points for major coach company tours all over the UK.

The use of A3 Washroom Panels with Direct Response Slips included a 10% discount code for Alfa Travel’s summer holiday breaks, to entice potential customers and provide them with something to both take away and refer back to. Reaching those in an on the move mind-set, with a discount code is the perfect way to increase customer interest!

Looking for holiday inspo? Alfa Travel is one of the UK’s most respected coach holiday companies with convenient local pick up points across the UK. From Fort William to Falmouth to Kerry and the Italian Riviera, Alfa Travel has something for everyone.

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