Here at Admedia we work with numerous Motoring Insurance clients to ensure motorists are reached in a driving mind-set. This includes, among many, high footfall Motorway Service Areas or Kwik Fit Centres. Our Admedia venues are the perfect fit for capturing new or old car buyers and driving insurance sales.

So who have we been working with?
Admiral, Warranty Wise & Be Wiser are just a handful of the motoring insurance clients we have been working with recently. From our research into this sector we wanted to share some key findings from a motoring insurance client, who recently executed a Motorway Service Area campaign. They were looking to reach adults responsible for their household motor insurance through A3 Washroom and 6 Sheet Panels.

How effective was the campaign?
Research shows both high brand awareness and advertising recall. The effect of long term Motorway Service Area advertising is demonstrated by the incredibly high brand awareness, where 60% of respondents were already aware of the client’s brand on the day. According to industry research, the advertising recall was also 51% higher than the average car insurance targeted 6 Sheet campaign.

There was huge opportunity to reach a profitable multi-car insurance audience as 77% of those who had more than one vehicle had never taken out multicar insurance mainly due to their lack of knowledge in this area. In addition, there is also an opportunity to dominate the market with our audience being 56% more likely than the average driver to purchase insurance from an insurance broker.

Take advantage of our unique offering to increase awareness of your brand and reach this key audience. Click here to contact the insurance team for more info.

Source: Independent research in conjunction with Market Management, *TGI 2015