With A-Levels Results Day reaching us on the 18th August, undergraduates are one step closer to deciding their path of education. From 8am that day, students will be able to log on to UCAS and view whether they have been accepted onto their chosen courses. The lead up to A-Level Results Day is the perfect time to ensure your University or College is front of mind for both undergraduates and parents.

So how can you specifically target undergraduates in their own environment?
The internet via smartphones plays a huge part in the youth’s lifestyle. Whether that’s keeping up with their friends on Facebook or checking their favourite blog, the mobile phone goes where the student goes. In fact, according to TGI 2016 Q2, 96% of students own a smartphone. With 78% of these connecting to the Internet several times a day, mobile advertising provides plenty of opportunities to capture undergraduates in their personal environment. In comparing that to the national average, students are 70% more likely than the average adult to connect to the web.

Admedia’s geo-fenced mobile solution, Admobile, can reach a specific undergraduate on a local, regional or national level. This is done through longitude and latitude targeting, where you can choose any mile radius from a specific postcode and target student phones within that area. And if you’re also looking to reach parents, we can do that too.

During the lead up to A-Level Results Day, Admobile has the option of customising scrolling banner messages as many times as you like. So for universities and colleges, this means promoting specific courses, open days, or application deadlines.

For more information on how to ensure your university or college is front of mind with Admobile or to build a free demo advert please click here