September is fast approaching and with that comes the sought-after New Car Registration period for motorists.  Take advantage of Admedia’s large motoring audience with Admedia Nexus. Our network of dominant full motion digital 48 screens are located at 16 high footfall Motorway Service Areas, connecting major cities nationwide. Make sure that your brand is front of mind when the purchase journey begins.

Heavy Motorway Service Area users are 150% more likely than the average car owner to be likely to buy a car in the next 3 months. You can’t afford to miss this audience.

Extend your campaign’s reach with our impactful 6 Sheets located at 136 Motorway Service Areas. The average unprompted recall for car brands on Admedia 6 Sheets is 67%. This recall rate will ensure that your brand is not forgotten when purchasing time approaches.

The average car owner expects to spend £12,675 on their next car. For Heavy Motorway Service Area users this rises by 40% to £17,687. Reach a higher purchasing audience with Admedia’s Motorway Service Areas.

Make sure that your car brand accelerates to the top with Admedia Nexus.

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