Car buyers at Motorway Services

New Drive Panel research into Dealerships has uncovered some fascinating insights into the car buying intentions of Motorway Services users.

We discovered that 60% of our respondents expect to buy a new car in the next couple of years, which is double the GB average!

One of the major reasons for people changing their car, as our research confirmed, is that their existing car has become unreliable or expensive to run. Therefore, it’s unsurprising that regular Motorway Services visitors expect to change car so often, bearing in mind that they do at least 27% more mileage than the average motorist.

Our Dealerships study also found that some triggers for buying a new car are more variable. People often choose to buy a car because they feel like it, or because they’ve spotted a new model or good deal that’s interested them. This offers a fantastic opportunity for dealerships to get models and offers in front of a Motorway Services audience, an audience who we found go to more dealerships than average during the research process, are more likely to turn up at a dealership on the spur of the moment and are willing to travel long distances to find the right car.

We even know what days they tend to visit dealerships, so by utilising our dynamic full-motion digital Nexus screens we can match advertising to the appropriate day. This technology is backed up by a nationwide network of 1,300 6 Sheet panels, and A3 Washroom Advertising that offers huge footfall and high dwell times.

For the full Drive Panel study on Dealerships, or to get your brand involved in the Panel, please contact your Admedia rep or our Drive Panel team –