Be it a weekend away or a two-week break, we’re a nation of staycationers – in fact, 69% of Brits expect to take a staycation in 2019! Plus, aided by an uncertain economic and political environment affecting the cost of going abroad, we’re also expected to spend big on UK holidays – as much as £40bn this year, up from £31bn in 2018.

As anyone who needs to get from A to B during peak holiday periods will know, the roads are often bumper to bumper, and that’s because the best way to get to a staycation is by car. In fact, 77% of staycationers travel by road vehicle to their UK break – that’s a massive 35.3m people!

With the average drive to a UK holiday taking 2 hours 24 minutes, it’s inevitable that many travellers will need to stop, especially those with young children. From our own research we found that most people make a stop at least every 90 minutes to 2 hours, and they do so for a multitude of reasons – be it to take a washroom break, grab refreshments, refuel or recharge their vehicle and much more.

That’s where Motorway Services come in. Of all of those people travelling by road, 74% (26.1m) will use an MSA, and with 136 sites around the country there are plenty to cover journeys to all manner of destinations.

Millions of staycationers with money to spend creates a fantastic opportunity for advertisers who would otherwise struggle to reach this large group of travelling holidaymakers. We have younger travellers who are much more likely to buy new cars, stream entertainment and grab food on-the-go, while more experienced staycationers also look for pharmaceutical products, luxury accommodation and leisure ideas.

To capture holidaymakers on the road, Admedia offers a variety of advertising solutions in an environment that enjoys long dwell times of 40 minutes on average. Our full-motion digital Nexus screens provide great flexibility, with the ability to target travellers at key travel times, as well as display advertising depending on factors such as location, weather and traffic flow. Additionally, Admedia has 6 Sheets and A3 Washroom Panels which offer broadcast-level cover and 100% gender targeted high-dwell time solutions respectively.

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