Students are a huge part of Admedia, and as the beginning of the student year is almost here, our Bars, Pubs & Clubs are going to be busier than ever. With that in mind, we wanted to reach out to our students during the lead up to Fresher’s Week and get an insight into their socialising and behavioural habits. Using Admedia’s Student Panel of over 1000 respondents during the month of June, we wanted to delve deeper into trending topics and learn even more about our student audience. So what did we find..


  1. Students visit Pubs/Bars more than any other ambient media area.
    This became evident when we asked our students where they prefer to socialise. From heavy cinema goers to heavy TV watchers, Bar/Pub users came out on top with being 254% higher than the national average. When comparing the two most popular social environments, we found that students are 149% more likely to be heavy bar goers than heavy cinema goers. With that in mind, our multiple touch point media formats of A3 Washroom Panels, Beermats, Bar Runners and Mirror Clings, are perfect for interacting with students and increasing brand talk ability.


  1. Students love Off-Campus Pubs/Bars.
    A quarter of students told us that they NEVER visited their student union, meaning On Campus Bars Pubs & Clubs are not a part of their student lifestyle. We also found that 57% of all students visit local Off-Campus Bars, Pubs & Clubs at least once a week, where almost half said they visit the washrooms at least two times during their visit. Ultimately, this indicates the high dwell time and guaranteed frequency for Admedia’s A3 Washroom Panels.


  1. Mobile phones play a huge part in the student socialising lifestyle.
    When asked what percentage of students take their phone out with them when socialising in Bars, Pubs & Clubs, we found that 98% do. With a majority using their smart phones to access social media including Facebook, Twitter & Snap Chat, we can safely say that students are good at being social whilst socialising!


We would like to say a huge thank you to all students who participated in June’s Student Panel Survey. For more information regarding any upcoming Admedia Student Surveys please contact