Our Products

Whilst Admedia was founded on its expertise in Washroom Advertising, we have continued to innovate with our product range, offering unmissable, impactful advertising solutions across a range of environments with long dwell times and high footfall.


These vary from our traditional A3 Washroom and 6 Sheet Panels, through to D-48 Screens and geo-targeted mobile advertising. In many environments, we can amplify campaigns with experiential solutions such as Beer mats, Bar Runners, Direct Response Slips and Mirror Clings.


Our latest product offering is Nexus, the UK’s largest full motion digital roadside network.

Admedia 6 Sheets at Motorway Service Areas

Traditional Posters

While Admedia proudly embrace the latest technology, our long-standing roots in traditional out-of-home advertising are still vital to us. We have been experts in Washroom Advertising since 1995, adding 6 Sheets soon after, and we know that these methods offer fantastic value and great effectiveness.


With A3 Washroom Panels across high footfall Motorway Service Stations, Shopping Centres, Pubs, Bars and Clubs and Network Rail, we have a gender-targeted product that offers high levels of recall, dwell time and talkability.


Our 6 Sheets at Motorway Service Stations offer broadcast cover, high awareness levels and powerful Point-of-Sale opportunities.


Alongside our traditional posters we offer digital formats with the latest dynamic and real time capabilities.


At the forefront is Nexus, the UK’s largest external network of full-motion large-format digital screens, comprising of 50 dominant digital 48 screens connecting the country’s top 50 conurbations via high footfall targeted Motorway Service Areas. We have partnered with the country’s leading digital OOH technology companies to deliver augmented reality, social media amplification as well as geo and traffic data-driven campaigns for brands such as Virgin Trains.


Our mobile solution Admobile offers local, regional and national geo-targeting to amplify your campaign and drive direct response from specific demographic groups through an unmissable scrolling banner advert.

Nexus Digital 48 Screen


If you need to create a Bar/Pub/Club or Motorway Service Area campaign with huge word-of-mouth potential, look no further than our experiential offering.


With multiple touchpoints from Beer Mats and Bar Runners to Mirror Clings and Door Vinyls you can dominate a venue and generate maximum talkability.