A3 Washroom Panels


Second avg. dwell time


% Avg. recall rate


% gender targeted

For long dwell times, high rates of recall and true gender targeting, it’s difficult to beat Admedia’s Washroom Advertising solution across top Motorway Service Areas, Shopping Centres, Bars, Pubs & Clubs and Network Rail stations. We offer 14,000 A3 panels in total, unmissably located directly in front of male and female audiences in an uncluttered environment.


This proximity doesn’t just increase recall – it aids interaction. 94% of people take their phone to the washroom, boosting mobile search and social media sharing.


Plus, your campaign can be amplified with the addition of Direct Response Slips to the A3 Panels. These business-card sized slips, positioned at the base of each poster, offer even greater interaction opportunities for brands, getting phone numbers, web addresses (often with unique codes) right into peoples’ pockets and purses.


We also offer other memorable washroom products such as Mirror Clings and Door Vinyls, to dominate the environment and enhance the advertising experience even further.


  • Long dwell times of 55 seconds (male) and 105 seconds (female)
  • Promotes interaction
  • Relevant for broad category targeting
  • Personal one-to-one environment
  • Minimal distraction
British Transport Police washroom advertising