Heading off on a long drive this summer? Well, you’re certainly not alone!

We asked our bespoke Drive Panel a few (discrete) questions about their holiday movements this summer, and a resounding 97% of them said that they expect to take at least one holiday in the UK involving a long drive of at least two hours. A further 23% of our Panel told us that they expect to drive across to Europe too.

However, with all these millions of long trips coming up, we have to bear in mind that not every car will reach its destination without a hitch. Many of our respondents carry safety gear such as high-vis vests and warning triangles, but nearly 30% had nothing in the car to warn off other drivers as they sit on the hard shoulder, or even spare bulbs and oil that might let them carry on their journey without relying on the breakdown service. In fact, 17% of respondents planning to go to Europe this summer had no safety equipment at all in their car, despite it being a legal requirement for motorists in many countries on the continent.

With MSAs connecting destinations and travel hubs around the country, they are excellent places to advertise products for long journeys, and indeed educate drivers on what they should be carrying on board their vehicles. In fact, when asked whether advertising such equipment at our Motorway Service Areas was appropriate, a massive 95% agreed that MSAs are the right place to advertise travel kits and accessories for UK driving, while 87% said that advertising kits for European driving was appropriate.

For further information on our Drive Panel findings, or to get your brand involved in the Panel, please contact your Admedia rep or our Drive Panel team – drivepanel@admedia.co.uk.

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