Here at Admedia we have recruited a database of more than 1,000 students in over 45 universities and colleges around the country, and we’ve been sending monthly online surveys to them since January 2012. Not only does the panel provide us with key insight into their valuable views and opinions, we also have access to student behavioural patterns including socialising. So what have we found?

When we asked students how often they go to Pubs & Bars, 61% said they visit once a week or more. As they have more free time than the average adult it’s not surprising that 58% said their Pub visits are usually spontaneous and impulsive rather than planned. And not all Pub visits are made on campus. 59% of students spend 2 or more nights at non-student union venues.

With 6 out of 10 students agreeing with the statement ‘Going to the pub is important to me’ this highlights the role these venues play in the lives of students, where one participant describes – a home away from home.

We also found that students are BIG for spreading the word, where students who are heavy bar users are 123% more likely than the average student to be word of mouth champions.

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Source: Admedia Student Panel 2015-2016